Blood Work In Staten Island 

Here at OneCare Health-Advanced Practice Health & Wellness, we offer professional routine blood work and lab testing for our patients. Our main focus is to provide our patients with the best care possible in an efficient manner. Get your blood work in Staten Island, NY done at our clinic that’s open 7 days a week.

Our blood work and lab testing can be used to evaluate your health and wellness as a whole. The benefits of getting blood tests include gaining information needed for a medical diagnosis, predicting the risk of disease, and monitoring other indicators of wellbeing.

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We are located in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island. We also serve surrounding neighborhoods within the greater New York area.

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Our Services

We have the ability to run lab work for a variety of purposes and conditions, including the following:

Complete Blood Count

A CBC test offers information about red and white blood cells, as well as platelets. This test can give medical professionals information that they need for patients about conditions such as infections, anemia, inflammation, leukemia, and other cancers.

Basic Metabolic Panel

The Basic Metabolic Panel test gives insight into how your body utilizes food and metabolizes it. It assists medical professionals in assessing kidney function

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

The CMP builds upon the Basic Metabolic Panel and allows for a more broad assessment of overall health. The comprehensive test provides information about both liver and kidney function, blood sugar, metabolism health, and more.

Lipid Panel

Lipid panels are important when trying to understand how lipids and fats work in the body and how individuals may be at risk for heart attack, stroke, or artery disease.

Thyroid Panel

Thyroid panels measure the levels of certain thyroid hormones within the body. The thyroid has an influence on other bodily functions such as muscle function, digestion, hormone regulation, and heart rate.

Enzyme Markers

Enzyme markers are necessary to measure the proteins within the body that facilitate reactions such as nerve function, digestion, breathing, and muscle formation. Enzyme markers also provide healthcare workers with necessary information about organs like the heart, liver, and stomach that can help monitor certain health conditions.

Coagulation Panel

This blood panel test is essential to monitoring the likelihood of normal blood clotting in a patient. Without certain nutrients in the bloodstream, it is difficult for the human body to produce blood clots to stop serious bleeding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

On top of our lab work and blood tests, we also offer covid testing, drug tests, STD tests and much more. 

At OneCare Health- Advanced Practice Health & Wellness, we have healthcare professionals on staff who speak Spanish, English, Italian, American Sign Language, and Haitian-Creole.

Yes, we offer telehealth services in an effort to increase accessibility to healthcare in the Staten Island area and surrounding neighborhoods.