Dermal Fillers In Staten Island

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  • Botox & Chiro Special from June 12th through June 17th
  • Botox (Dysport) $9/unit (minimum 40units) book only on Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Please book appointments on the same day.

  • Fillers $499, book any day.
  • Chiro, $40 for new clients book any day after 4:30 pm
  • Dysport has a faster “onset” of 4-6 days whereas Botox takes 7-8 days for full effect and Dysport lasts just as long as Botox.

OneCare Health-Advanced Practice Health & Wellness is a top provider of dermal fillers in Staten Island. There are countless reasons why wrinkles and fine lines form throughout the course of your life. Things as simple as hygiene, diet, smoking, and sun exposure can damage the skin. With age and as our skin becomes damaged over time, the elasticity and plumpness become reduced. Dermal fillers are the perfect solution, adding fullness through hyaluronic acid-based fillers. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an organic chemical that the human body naturally produces to absorb and retain water. It acts as a lubricating substance for joints as well as a cushion for joints and other soft tissues. Dermal fillers use HA to add volume to the skin and as a result, smooth out wrinkles. 

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Dermal fillers have more than one specific purpose. They can be used to smooth wrinkles, contour the face, and repair imperfections. The results of the procedure are not permanent, but they will last for years. The products that we use here at OneCare Health-Advanced Practice Health & Wellness are FDA approved and of the highest quality.

We use fillers to treat the following issues: 

  • Scars and depressions
  • Nasolabial folds and lines
  • Lip enhancer
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Hollow cheeks 
  • Jaw contouring 

After the fillers are injected, there is no down time necessary for recovery.  We recommend that our patients rest for roughly 24 hours after the injections, but you may carry on as usual while avoiding strenuous activities. Schedule an appointment to discuss dermal filler injections with an expert healthcare professional.


Frequently Asked Questions 

The discomfort that you may experience with the filler procedure will mimic that of a pinch or a normal shot. After getting the fillers, there is a chance that you will experience temporary redness, swelling, or irritation. This is normal and should subside with time. We highly recommend that you speak with your healthcare provider for questions about dermal fillers and the potential side effects. 

Visit our clinic located at 97 Port Richmond Ave in Staten Island. The clinic is located in the Port Richmond neighborhood and is convenient to reach by car, foot, and public transit.

Unlike Botox, facial fillers do not relax muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Rather, the fillers add volume to the areas that could use facial rejuvenation. Additionally, filler injections do not require a plastic surgeon and they will not alter your facial expressions or structure.