Access Quality, Affordable Medical Care in Staten Island, NY

OneCare Health- Advanced Practice Health & Wellness is committed to providing premium medical care in Staten Island that patients can rely on. But we’re doing more than what you might expect from your typical urgent care center. 

With a wide range of services, OneCare Health- Advanced Practice Health & Wellness is your new, all-in-one health and wellness center. From IV infusion therapy to pain management, blood work, and more, we’re offering all the services you need from healthcare professionals you can trust.

COVID-19 Testing

Our clinic provides safe and accurate testing for both active COVID-19 cases, and antibody testing as well. Get access to both the standard COVID-19 RT-PCR test, and to the rapid Antigen COVID-19 Antigen test. Rapid COVID-19 tests can produce results in as little as 15 minutes.

Blood & Lab Work

Getting up to date blood work and lab results shouldn’t be difficult. Obtain onsite blood tests, STD testing, and more at our Staten Island clinic. Always confidential, always professional, your results will be shared with you promptly with suggestions for referrals.

IV Infusion Therapies

If you're feeling under the weather, our clinic offers IV infusion therapy meant to rehydrate and boost your immune system. Treat common health conditions and speed your recovery with a simple visit to our office.

Chiropractic Services

Good chiropractic care can be a challenge to find. We’re making things simpler by offering affordable chiropractic services at our physical clinic in Staten Island. Whether you’re in need of an adjustment or experiencing pain and discomfort, you’re in good hands.

Supplements & Vitamins

Take control of your overall wellness. OneCare Health- Advanced Practice Health & Wellness is offering supplement and vitamin referrals as part of our comprehensive care. Raise low iron or Vitamin D with supplemental care from our team of doctors.

Medical Aesthetics

Wellness isn’t simply limited to what's inside. We’re offering medical aesthetic care to our patients as well. From botox to dermal fillers, we’re helping you be your most confident self.

Pain Management

No one should have to live with chronic pain. Manage your symptoms and find relief with our certified team of healthcare professionals. We offer trigger point injections, medication plans, and more to help you find the relief you deserve.

Get Medical Care In Your Language

OneCare Health- Advanced Practice Health & Wellness is committed to serving all of our Staten Island community members. That’s why we offer medical care in a variety of different languages including: 

  • Spanish 
  • Italian
  • Hatian-Creole 
  • Tagalog
  • American Sign Language. 

At our clinic, patients should feel empowered to communicate their needs or concerns confidently in a comforting environment. Providing language accommodation assists in our mission to provide equal, accessible care to all.

Open 6 Days a Week 

As a complete health and wellness center, we help keep you healthy with checkups, preventative care, screenings, and wellness visits. Check-in online to expedite your visit or just walk in.

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