Pain Management In Staten Island

Chronic pain can hold you back in life and restrict your daily activity. We specialize in improving the quality of life of our patients in a holistic approach. At our medical center, we believe that many sectors of healthcare are interconnected and can work together to provide a faster recovery to our patients. In your active diagnosis or treatment, you will find that we offer pain management in Staten Island, including:  pain medicine, chiropractic care, physiotherapies, physical and manual medicine, intra-articular joint injections, neuromusculoskeletal medicine, rehabilitation, corrective exercises, and referrals for specialty medical care.

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We are located in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island. We also serve surrounding neighborhoods within the greater New York area at our pain management office.

Address: 97 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302

Phone: (347) 460 -1239


Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


What we treat

Visit our clinic to be seen for a number of concerns. Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Bone and joint problems
  • Neck, back, and spine care
  • Sports injuries
  • Manipulative medicine 
  • Acute/chronic neuromusculoskeletal problems 
  • Lifestyle, health, and wellness changes/modifications 
  • Dietary changes/care  
  • Active release therapies 
  • Progressive muscle relaxation therapies 
  • Muscle-strengthening/conditioning 

If you experience daily pain and are ready to make a change, contact us to discover your treatment options. For each person, treatment looks different, but you can count on our board-certified medical professionals/doctors to create the diagnosis and treatment plan that is right for your needs/condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

At OneCare Health-Advanced Practice Health & Wellness, we have health care professionals on staff who speak Spanish, English, Italian, American Sign Language, Tagalog and Haitian-Creole. 

Yes, we offer telehealth services in an effort to increase access to healthcare in the Staten Island area and surrounding neighborhoods. A telehealth appointment may be more convenient to you for a consultation, depending on the level of pain you’re experiencing and your ability to visit our clinic

At our clinic located at 97 Port Richmond Ave in Staten Island, we offer the tools you need for pain relief. Our medical professionals offer advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment(s) to our patients. Book appointments online through our website.

There are thousands of patients in the Staten Island area in need of effective pain management tools. Our staff is trained to help you cope with pain and even treat pain so that you can live a normal and pain-free lifestyle holistically. However, this web page is for informational purposes only; please visit our clinic for professional advice.